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Boris Cheboksarov - Pines
Boris Cheboksarov, Pines (2002), oil on canvas
[Kurbatoff Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, thru Mar 2003]

Boris Cheboksarov

Kurbatoff Art Gallery
Vancouver BC thru Mar 2003

Boris Cheboksarov is an Israeli painter of beautifully rendered scenes with spiritualist undertones. Because of their exquisitely fine detail, intense subject matter and luminous light, paintings of this type have been called “Magic Symbolism,” a form of Magic Realism. Magic Realism describes paintings seemingly possessed of a strange, dreamlike quality and conceived using a hyperrealist technique. In addition to these qualities, Magic Symbolist paintings have a heightened sense of meaning or metaphor. The symbolic undertones in this style are intended to induce complex feelings and emotions in viewers.

In Western art, these terms imply a kind of condescension that is not found in other cultures. In a less cynical world, Cheboksarov’s paintings are inspiring and challenging. The more provocative subject matter includes fashion models, still life arrangements, portraits and figure studies. They are brooding and forceful works that are not as easy to dwell on. In one, a twisted hunching male figure is intensely portrayed observing the viewer.

His more inspirational landscape paintings are set in the deep pine woods and in a birch forest. They are objects of meditation with their fine brushwork and layers of oil and glaze. In literal surface qualities, they have depth as well as illusion. His landscape paintings of mountain vistas are equally luminous, with stylized shapes and colours. Cheboksarov appears to be a complex artist seeking spiritual meaning in his work, as he is in his life. Find more information at http://www.kurbatoffart.com

© Mia Johnson


 Mon, Feb 3, 2003