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Tom Gormally - Untitled Painting
Tom Gormally, Untitled Painting (2002), oil, ink, encaustic
[Solomon Fine Art, Seattle, WA, Mar 3-28, 2003]

Tom Gormally:Portals

Solomon Fine Art
Seattle WA Mar 3-28, 2003

Portals: circular forms that one enters other states through are the theme, title and most essentially the unifying factor in the paintings and sculptures of Seattle artist Tom Gormally.

Gormally’s newest body of work is more about spirit than statement. There is a timeless beauty in his paintings and a spare austerity in his sculptures, both reminiscent of subtle energies and minute realities. His works speak quietly as they slowly inform each other. The message being a suggested feeling rather than a distinct remark.

Gormally’s paintings contain spatial activity that resembles the way protozoa would look under a microscope, like slow ambient circles. Many pieces were inspired by the study of DNA and genetics.

His three-dimensional forms are sometimes similar to the ones in his paintings, but they are suspended or floating in real space. The large scale of these works and common physical occupancy is quite effective. Made of curved oak, constructed poplar, and a flocked surface, Gormally’s sculptures are biomorphic assemblages, a loosely defined portal that is mounted about four feet off the wall. There is a delicate balance and a tension in how these works are suspended inches from the floor. In this exhibit, Gormally further bridges the gap between his paintings and sculptures by introducing the flocked surface into an eight-panel wall piece that almost resembles a Kimono.

© Allyn Cantor


 Tue, Feb 4, 2003