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Lucinda Parker - Pyrola
Lucinda Parker, Pyrola (2002), acrylic on wood
[Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, WA, Feb 6-Mar 1, 2003]

Lucinda Parker

Linda Hodges Gallery
Seattle WA Feb 6-Mar 1, 2003

Lucinda Parker is an accomplished painter of the Pacific Northwest. Based in Portland, Oregon, Parker’s work has gained national recognition over her thirty-plus year career.

Parker’s style is an outstanding balance of formal abstraction based in geometry combined with a gestural expression that evokes this artist’s tactile love of paint and movement – a natural occurrence of the act of painting. Parker’s motivation to paint is linked to the medium itself, with deeper meaning or metaphor coming second. Her bold strokes of colour are applied wet on wet, often with a spatula rather than a brush. Her work is large in scale and gesture. Thick acrylic impastos fill her canvases forming organic masses and colliding forms. Her hues are earth-toned and her wet-on-wet technique results in a somewhat muted palette of homogenized, umbers, yellows, blacks and grays. Contrast and the use of light give these works a sense of volumetric space.

The vigour and energy that radiates from Parker’s canvases captivate viewers. Her compositions are rhythmic, and innately well balanced, making her fluid trails of paint seem natural and understood.

Parker is not purely non-objective in her goals with abstraction. Although this may be a point of departure for the artist, the titles in her work suggest further meaning. Many titles relate to occurrences in the natural world, and one begins to look for corresponding references; leaf and tree forms, or perhaps the sombre colours of winter. Poetry, mythology (and perhaps personal references) are also apparent in her titles.

© Allyn Cantor


 Tue, Feb 4, 2003