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M.J. Anderson:
“Abstract Forms and Figures”

Alysia Duckler Gallery
Portland OR May 1-31, 2003

M.J. Anderson - Without Impudence
M.J. Anderson, Without Impudence (2003), Bardiglio marble
[Alysia Duckler Gallery, Portland, OR
May 1-31, 2003]

M.J. Anderson has been carving marble sculptures in her Oregon coast studio for roughly 20 years. With annual visits to Italy, Anderson chooses her supply of material and also sculpts amongst others in her discipline. She is one of few women artists in the Pacific Northwest who works almost exclusively in marble. She also carves mainly female forms.

Referencing work from classical sculpture, Anderson’s figurative forms have found themselves comfortably honoring tradition. The torsos usually avoid personal traits and become an iconic representation of “every woman.” Embodied in each piece is the life inherit in the stone. Her surfaces are a combination of polished and rough, allowing the stone to speak through its natural essence. Anderson is particularly interested in the permanence of stone and the symbolic presence of earth.

Anderson loves marble and wants you to know the stone first. Using the reductive nature of carving, she feels there is no looking back once the piece has been carved. She is attune to the sound marble makes when it breaks or cracks and uses that as a sculpting tool. When she hears an unintentional crack, she wonders what surprise the stone will reveal.

The exhibition also includes a series of elegant stone prayer flag forms, many with touches of gold leaf. Anderson believes that people today need stronger, more durable symbols.

© Allyn Cantor

 Thu, Apr 3, 2003