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Peter Dittmar - Inspirasi
Peter Dittmar, Inspirasi (2000),
[Jennifer Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Apr 3-30, 2003]

Peter Dittmar

Jennifer Winsor Gallery
Vancouver BC Apr 3-30, 2003

World traveller Peter Dittmar moved from Germany to Bali in 1982 and, despite regular trips to Europe and Asia, has since made it his second home. Although he paints in beautiful surroundings, he is inspired by the silence and peacefulness rather than by the environment of his tropical setting.

His paintings have remained unchanged for many years and through them he has developed a signature style. Calligraphic lines of black, grey and burnt sienna against fields of colour have a Zen-like simplicity that make them immediately identifiable. Iconic and spare, they rely on balance, rhythm and texture for impact.

Dittmar has described his work as “a flow of energy” that takes the shape of ink and colour. The symbols are not meant to be read literally, or seen as representations. Even the titles of the paintings are his way of recording the artworks rather than signifying any kind of content.

Dittmar’s intention is to “capture the power of the symbolic consciousness” as an abstract essence. In this, his paintings reflect the aesthetic principles of Wabi Sabi, which is as much a style of perceiving art as it is a style of art. Wabi Sabi originated with medieval Japanese monks who replaced traditional ornate art styles with simplicity as they sought to reflect the transience and solitude of existence.

© Mia Johnson

 Thu, Apr 3, 2003