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Pierre Dorion - Chambre à l'atelier
Pierre Dorion, Chambre à l'atelier (1996), oil on linen
[Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC, May 2-June 1, 2003]

“Solo”: The Painting of Pierre Dorion

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Victoria BC May 2-June 1, 2003

Pierre Dorion is a prominent Montreal artist who explores themes of isolation, including the remoteness of the painter and his work. Solo is the first presentation of Dorion's work in Victoria. It has been organized and circulated by the Galerie d'art du Centre Culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke. The retrospective presents pieces from the last 20 years that demonstrate his systematic and sensitive approach to art and his multifaceted use of political, religious and emotional imagery.

Dorion’s cool, austere and rigorous compositions have the strong, illusionistic style and luminosity typical of Eastern Canadian painters like Alex Colville, but are informed by his extensive knowledge of history and literature. His paintings play on art historical subject matter, especially that found in reproductions. He is known for his interest in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Classicism.

Early 20th century photography and architectural references also play leading roles. His methodology encompasses contemporary notions of photographic replication and image dissimilation in addition to such traditional styles of high art as portraiture and landscape painting.

Numerous paintings reveal Dorion’s attention to issues of perspective, both interior and exterior. Throughout, his scenes are populated with male figures: patriarchal and theatrical, heroic or pensive.

© Mia Johnson

 Thu, Apr 3, 2003