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Vessna Perunovich - (W)hole
Vessna Perunovich, (W)hole (2001), sculpture and video installationn [Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Apr 3-26, 2003]

Vessna Perunovich: “(W)hole”

Third Avenue Gallery
Vancouver BC Apr 3-26, 2003

Vessna Perunovich, former creator of vast, blowsy, wind sock-like tubes of wire and mesh, presents two austere yet dramatic installations in this exhibit. Unique sculptural materials are used in both pieces to represent people-made constructions: one a house and the other a cradle. Light reflections from large video displays behind each installation produce intense, shifting ambience. By combining the sculptures with the video and slide projections, Perunovich shows opposing yet interconnected dynamics of nature versus the human condition.

The House, a major work, is a cage-like affair fashioned of vertical bars of black elastic with an A-frame top. Once inside the structure, the visitor can view unobstructed a changing display of luminous photographs of the natural world. They are presented as if in a dream. By sheer size, they seem to symbolize a supernatural world. An added element of tension is created when the visitor is outside the cage, looking in at others. Then we are like spies, watching others watching the dream landscapes.

The second installation portrays the frailty of the human condition. Alternating images of the earth and outer space appear behind a gently rocking cradle that is lit by a single spotlight. The cradle, suspended with invisible fishing line, hangs precariously against the images of timelessness and infinity.

© Mia Johnson

 Thu, Apr 3, 2003