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William Morris - Idolo
William Morris, Idolo (2003), hand-blown and formed
glass [William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA, Apr 4-24, 2003]

“From Surface to Form: William Morris,
Judy Pfaff and Jane Rosen

William Traver Gallery
Seattle WA Apr 4-24, 2003

From Surface to Form is a collaborative, site-specific exhibition based on the relationship between three artists, Jane Rosen, Judy Pfaff and William Morris. These artists have a long-term friendship that has evolved through their shared experiences in the Pacific Northwest, and in glass work. They have common interests with completely different applications.

The exhibit begins with a large installation of free-standing glass objects by William Morris. Jane Rosen includes drawings that are more representational, as well as a cast resin piece. Judy Pfaff’s looser, non-objective drawings and prints are combined with translucent vellum and photographic negatives.

This is not a typical collaboration because although these artists are friends and share ideas, the work is created separately, based on a thematic concept and the space in which the installation will unfold. Jane Rosen offers that it is “more of an instigation” and is about “having our work understood together, and participating together in activating the space.” The range of material and content produced by these artists creates an environment of complex forms, emotions, and intriguing material realities to be experienced.

© Allyn Cantor

 Thu, Apr 3, 2003