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David Wilson: “Fragments”

Anne Carlson Fine Art Gallery
Vancouver BC thru Apr 24, 2003

David Wilson, Flicker (2002), acrylic on canvas
[Anne Carlson Fine Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, thru Apr 24, 2003]

Through acrylic paintings that are startling in content and scale, Vancouver-based artist David Wilson expresses his personal response to cultural saturation by mass media. Slick and detached, the works in this show are about fast time, yearning, desire and sensory bombardment.

Wilson’s paintings are strong, dark and graphic. They are almost monochromatic in colour and beautifully rendered. Like advertising media, each piece combines imagery and text. The information carried by text and the implicit connotations of the words create dichotomies of meaning in conjunction with the pictures. They become more like slices of poetry or theatre than windows to the world.

By playing on dualities of reality and fiction, Wilson points to the ways we are assailed by information and events. The paintings have a film noire quality with partial figures captured in dramatic posture. A couple embraces in a passionate kiss, a shadowy white-faced mime glances up from a cigarette, a femme fatale poses in lingerie. His characters are half-lit in smoky scenes of intrigue, giving the viewer a dramatic peep into scenes beyond reach – and yet entirely familiar.

© Mia Johnson

 Thu, Apr 3, 2003