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Ping-Kwong Wong:

Seymour Art Gallery
North Vancouver BC Jul 9-Aug 10, 2003

Ping-Kwong Wong - Split
Ping-Kwong Wong, Split (2003), clay stoneware
[Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC
Jul 9-Aug 10, 2003]

Richmond artist Ping-Kwong Wong is a studio potter and instructor with 30 years of practice in his field. Originally from Hong Kong, Wong moved to B.C. in 1994 and has since participated in more than thirty-five shows. He is currently on the Steering Committee for Public Art in the city of Richmond, B.C. and continues to teach.

The bird form has been an ongoing theme in his work as Wong explores aspects of their appearance, their mannerisms, their fragile beauty and graceful elegance. Wong also sees the bird sculptures as a symbolic venue for expressing his ideas about human relationships. In this exhibit, viewers will see examples of birds flying in harmony, poised as families and as socially conversant groups. One example, titled Twin Birds, was inspired by a poem from the Tang Dynasty and glorifies a famous loving couple.

Wong uses stoneware clay to fashion his highly-polished abstract forms that have the look and feel of rock or metal. Technically, these geometric pieces combine hand-thrown leather-hard slab work with circular wheel forms, reflecting his 2-D and 3-D training. In the final steps, Wong applies two or three layers of different glazing effects. The resulting forms have a clean, modernist sensibility that take their motifs from the spread of wings, a crook of the neck or an angular crown.

© Mia Johnson

 Sat, Jun 7, 2003