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Seong Eun Ahn/Sook He Park: “Control”

Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver BC Jun 13-Jul 20

A two-person show at Centre A in June features contemporary Korean textile artists who use raw materials like undyed linen, silk and canvas in a distinctive manner. Seong Eun Ahn from Vancouver creates commentaries on the role of women in the workplace with her pure and simple canvas garments. For example, her women’s business suits are recontextualized as straitjackets and suspended from the gallery ceiling. Installations by Sook He Park from Halifax are mounted on the floor, wall and a table. In a play on Korean ideals of perfection, her bits of cheesecloth are pulled, wadded or folded and laid out in groups of 10, 100 and 1000.

Seong Eun Ahn - Straightjacket
Seong Eun Ahn, Straightjacket [detail] (2003), canvas, metal buckles
[Centre A, Vancouver, BC
Jun 13-Jul 20, 2003]

Michael Euyung Oh/Jooyeon Park: “Archives”

Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver BC May 31-Jun 28

Jooyeon Park - Rhyme
Jooyeon Park, Rhymme (2003), installation of found objects
[Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver, BC
May 31-Jun 28, 2003]

The Access Artist Run Centre features the work of Korean artists Michael Euyung Oh and Jooyeon Park. As in the work of Sook He Park, pervasive themes are organization and categorization, with an emphasis here on ranking and archiving. Oh becomes an “arbitrator of taste”, examining notions of aesthetics and subjectivity. Jooyeon Park seeks to add a degree of personalization to her artworks through an excessive categorization of such found objects as junk food wrappers.

These mannered presentations are cool but whimsical. They are clean and minimal with an edge, like Zen narratives to be decoded through contemplation.

© Mia Johnson

 Sat, Jun 7, 2003