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Linda Stanbridge:
Exhibition of Solo Works

Winchester Galleries
1010 Broad Street, Victoria BC Oct 18-Nov 5, 2003

Linda Stanbridge - Portal
Linda Stanbridge, Portal (2002), aluminum and fired ceramic [Winchester Galleries, 1010 Broad Street, Vancouver, BC, Oct 18-Nov 5, 2003]

Admirers of the work of Victoria sculptor Linda Stanbridge will be pleased to see an exhibition of her recent work after a 13-year absence from Victoria galleries. Stanbridge’s new projects are crisp, succinct and one-of-a-kind.

Constructed mainly of brushed or polished aluminum coupled with ceramics, the multimedia pieces dazzle in scale and technique. While Stanbridge favours luxurious, variegated surface textures that appear to have been exposed to natural rust and erosion, the sculptures take their tensions of line and shape from engineering.

Stanbridge emphasizes geometric primitives in her contours and installation perspectives, causing the pieces to be described as “visual anagrams in three-dimensional space”. Her new works are based on the primal shapes of circles, spheres and ellipses.The compositional density and studied, off-set balance of the installations combine to give visual illusions of motion, even when the forms are clearly static in two dimensions.

Stanbridge lives and works in Victoria B.C. but exhibits internationally. Locals will be keen to see a brilliant public art piece recently installed at the Victoria International Airport. Based on a Fibonacci mathematical sequence, it depicts the unfolding of the curvature of seashells.

© Mia Johnson

 Wed, Sep 3, 2003