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Robert Bateman, Alaskan Autumn, (1999), acrylic on canvas [Artists For Kids Gallery, North Vancouver, Apr 8-May 11]

Robert Bateman: “Bateman's World Exhibition”

Artists for Kids Gallery
North Vancouver Apr 8-May 11

Since the 1970s, Toronto-born wildlife artist Robert Bateman has become one of the most recognized wild life artists of our time. With his delicate brushwork and startling illusionism, his craft has been admired equally by collectors and ecologists. The artist lives today on the B.C. Coast, where he continues to paint prolifically and advocate for wilderness protection.

More than forty outstanding examples from Bateman’s own personal collection will highlight this exhibit, which includes drawings, paintings and prints never previously shown publicly. Additional paintings loaned by collectors will complement the display. Two new prints are being released in support of the Artists for Kids Fund and a substantial 50-page catalogue has been published.

More than 3000 school children are expected to visit the exhibit and participate in the guided tours. The focus is on close observation of nature and the development of a deeper understanding and respect for our environment. Adults will be interested in an evening slide lecture by Bateman, titled “Thinking like a Mountain”, on April 11.

For more information about this exhibit and its related events, phone 604-903-3794 or visit www.artists4kids.com.

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 Tue, Feb 4, 2003