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Mandy Boursicot: The Five Elements

Diane Farris Gallery
Vancouver May 1-Jun 14

Mandy Boursicot, The Third Element, metal, iniature (2002), oil on canvas [Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, May 1-Jun 1]
Vancouver artist Mandy Boursicot represents the meeting of eastern and western cultures in her cool and elegant oil panels with their alternating views of china dishes and patterns. Her still lifes are painted in high realism with corresponding panels of patterns painted in a flat style. The details and their execution are exquisite.

Boursicot was born in Hong Kong during the late stages of the British colonial period. Her father was French and her mother was Macanese, of mixed Portuguese and Chinese descent. A true cosmopolitan, Boursicot attended school in Vietnam, Switzerland and Hong Kong, university in England and Hong Kong, then graduated from Emily Carr in 1999.

With their Portuguese tiles, lacquer bowls, terracotta pots and celadon cups, in cloisonneé enamel or Ming and Meissen porcelain, Boursicot's earlier paintings of china and glass have represented decorative art forms of both Western and Asian countries. Her latest series of paintings focuses on objects made of earth, wood and metal, three of the five Chinese metaphysical elements. In these darker and more eloquent works, she becomes deeply involved in an Oriental perspective.

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 Mon, Apr 1, 2002