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20th Century Traditions: Imogen Cunningham, Tom Feher, Elliott Erwitt, and Marion Post Wolcott

G. Gibson Gallery
Seattle Thru Apr 27, 2002

Imogen Cunningham, Self-portrait with Korona View (1933), [G. Gibson Gallery Seattle, Thru Apr 27]

G. Gibson Gallery presents a selection of photographs by four photographers all of which reflect a 20th century style, bridged partly by the subject of humanity. The most widely recognized and influential of these photographers is Imogen Cunningham.

Born in 1883, Cunningham began photographing at the age of 17 after purchasing a 4 x 5 camera. Her prolific career spanned more than 70 years. Born in the Northwest, Cunningham spent much of her early career in Seattle, where she studied the platinum process under Edward S. Curtis. In 1910, she opened her own portrait studio.

You will see self-portraits as well as nudes from 1910-15 that were considered “scandalous” at the time. There are also striking examples of modernist architecture, botanicals, nudes and portraits including those of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, all with the classic grace that identifies Cunningham’s style.

Also included in this exhibition are compassionate images by Marion Post-Wolcott (1910-90), who documented people from the south and midwestern states during the Depression years as part of the Farm Security Administration; Magnum Photo Agency member, Elliott Erwitt, born in France in 1928, noted for his humour in observing daily life; and Tom Feher, a contemporary Seattle artist who produces intimately-sized platinum-palladium prints of architecture and human figures in geometric settings.

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