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Brigitte Dortmund, Sanctuary (for D. L.), (2002) oil on canvas [Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Apr 2-27] (photo: Paul Foster)

Brigitte Dortmund: New Paintings and Drawings

Mark Woolley Gallery
Portland Apr 2-27

Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland Apr 2-27 – This month Brigitte Dortmund mounts an impressive exhibition of oil paintings and small pencil drawings. This is the first time that an artist has been given the entire exhibition space at Mark Woolley’s Gallery.

Her love for the medium (oil paint) is obvious, marked by thick, textured paint on canvas. Dortmund uses a palette knife and in some pieces exposes the colours and layers that are beneath by “drawing” back into her surface. Her bright colour schemes are perhaps the most understood element in these works. Thickly applied opaque layers with rich reds next to turquoise produce an optical vibration.

Dortmund’s forms are inspired by nature. Leaf, plant, shell and embryo shapes are suggested. The artist states that these works are in “a state of change.” They are “about metamorphosis”.

© Allyn Cantor


 Mon, Apr 1, 2002