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Shelley McIntosh, Dan and Al #1, (Dream Geometry), (1996), cellpaint on still [Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, Thru May 19]

“Moving Stills”: An Exhibition of Animation

Art Beatus Gallery
Thru May 19

Original art and film work that includes drawings, paintings and animated stills make up Moving Stills, a unique sampling from the portfolios of eleven Vancouver artists. Together the six men and five women have accumulated dozens of awards from contests, festivals and campaigns across North America. Their themes span such subject matter as family, history, fantasy, community and spiritualism.

From films made for the National Film Board of Canada to commercials for Coca-Cola and Chrysler, from cameraless animation to mixed-media and computer-generated shorts, the exhibited pieces reach widely in style and purpose from advertising to experimental. The films of Marilyn Cherenko combine her skills in painting, drawing, music, dance and animation. Ann Marie Fleming blends animation with live-action film techniques and digital technology. Steve Evangelatos&Mac226; work has appeared in seven features, fifteen television projects and over one hundred television commercials.

The group is as cosmopolitan as it is talented. Mayne Island animator Gail Noonan has completed four of six films, while Chinese-born and Japanese-trained Joe Chang (animator of Chinese Violin) is an award-winning director as well as gallery artist. Bruce Alcock has formed companies across North America. Two artists, Shelley McIntosh and Hilary Denny, have worked in England. Steve Evangelatos has worked on projects in the U.S., Canada, England, Germany and Asia. Underpinning the group and providing a local focus are Vancouver’s own Marv Newland and Al Sens.

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 Mon, Apr 1, 2002