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Trisha Brown: Dance and Art
in Dialogue, 1961-2001

Henry Art Gallery
Seattle WA Thru Jul 18, 2004

Trisha Brown - Homemade
Trisha Brown, Homemade (1966), [Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA, thru Jul 18] photo: Peter Moore

The Henry Art Gallery presents an extensive interdisciplinary exhibition devoted to the work of dancer and choreographer Trisha Brown. Brown has collaborated with many different visual artists since the 1960s, including Nancy Graves, Donald Judd, Fujiko Nakaya, Robert Rauschenberg and Terry Winters.

Brown pushed the limits of both dance and art through her exploration of movement accompanied with innovative stage sets. Two- and three-dimensional elements become animated through time, light and motion in her lively work. By 1979, she was creating large-scale theatrical pieces. Her extensive body of work is documented in this show through drawings, paintings, photographs, costumes, video clips, interviews, props and installations.

The exhibit includes a special screening room to view films of Brown’s major works. A key piece, Glacial Decoy, mark her first collaboration with Rauschenburg, who did the lighting, costumes and video installation. Rauschenburg’s images from popular culture will be projected onto the bodies of visitors as they pass through the installation in a style imitating the original projections on the dancers’ bodies. Floor of the Forest (1970) is being performed within the exhibiton space by dance students from the University of Washington and Cornish College for the Arts. A sculptural stage prop built for the dance piece remains a prominent visual work when the dancers are absent.

Brown and members of her company will be in residence at UW and present a series of lectures as well as a fully staged performance.


Allyn Cantor

 Wed, Apr 7, 2004