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Gerry Deiter: Give Peace a Chance

Elliott Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC May 26-Jun 2, 2004

Gerry Deiter - John and Yoke photo1
Gerry Deiter, John and Yoko (1969), photograph [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 26-Jun 2]

Thirty-five years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono received international attention for their Bed In for Peace at Montreal’s now-famous Queen Elizabeth Hotel. The iconic couple staged the eight-day event to protest America’s involvement in the Vietnam war.

Photo-journalist Gerry Deiter was assigned by Life Magazine to document the “happening” in the hotel suite, and stayed for the duration of the event. Deiter captured hundreds of images of the couple singing, composing, visiting with friends and talking to the media. Lennon and Ono spoke to some 150 journalists during the press conferences they held daily from their bed. Lennon wrote the song Give Peace a Chance during the “bed-in” and recorded it in the hotel suite. More than fifty friends, fans, writers, actors, artists and musicians participated in the recording. The impact of their peaceful demonstration was enormous.

Gerry Deiter - John and Yoke photo 2
Gerry Deiter, John and Yoko (1969), photograph [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 26-Jun 2]

Deiter chose not to release his memorable and intimate photographs to the public until after Lennon’s unexpected and tragic death in December, 1980. The majority of the 25 historic and culturally significant photographs in this exhibit have never been seen before. The show includes both colour and black-and-white framed prints, each measuring 16" x 20". The public is invited to meet Deiter and also attend surprise events hosted by the gallery. For more information, call 604-736-3283.


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Apr 9, 2004