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Peter Hoffer: The In-Between

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
Calgary AB Apr 3-24, 2004

Peter Hoffer - Tree with Field
Peter Hoffer, Tree with Field (2004), mixed media with resin on board [Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary AB, Apr 3-24]

A unique characteristic of Montreal artist Peter Hoffer’s work is his use of individuated subject matter. He has painted hundreds of single tulips on six-inch box frames as well as enormous landscapes, up to eight feet in width, featuring individual trees with strong personalities. The current exhibit presents new painterly landscapes with trees whose tranquil solitude is belied by chaotic, volatile dripping glazes.

Hoffer’s paintings have been described as being as much about studio materials and techniques as the subjects they convey. He begins these paintings of landscapes and waterfalls with oil paint on wood panels or torn canvas pieces. As an integral part of the process, he cracks, stresses and treats the layers of paint to great washes of runny paint which stain the foregrounds. The paintings are finished with thick coatings of glass-like resin. Viewers standing before them become part of the scenery itself as their reflections are superimposed. There is a compelling sense of transience and uncertainty in the work.

Although this is his first solo show in Calgary, Hoffer has shown extensively in Quebec and Ontario since 1991. In the summer of 1999, he represented Canada in the Convergence XII Sculpture Invitational in Providence, Rhode Island. In June, the prolific painter will also be exhibiting at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver.

Peter Hoffer - Two Poplars
Peter Hoffer, Two Poplars (2004), mixed media with resin on board, [Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, AB, Apr 3-24]


Mia Johnson

 Wed, Apr 7, 2004