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Jed Thomas: Waiting for Tomorrow

Marghitta Feldman Gallery
Portland OR Thru May 1, 2004

Jed Thomas - Looking Glass
Jed Thomas, Looking Glass (2004) oil on wood, [Marghitta Feldman Gallery, Portland, WA, thru May 1]

Jed Thomas - Master of Fate
Jed Thomas, Master of Fate (2004) oil on wood, [Marghitta Feldman Gallery, Portland, WA, thru May 1]

In a new series of oil paintings entitled Waiting for Tomorrow, Salem artist Jed Thomas explores the moments between what we experience and what we are waiting to experience in the next stage of life. The figurative works have a dark and refined palette similar to that of paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries. Yet they also radiate with glowing energy.

Jed Thomas - Tethered
Jed Thomas, Tethered (2004), oil on wood, [Marghitta Feldman Gallery, Portland WA, thru May 1]

Thomas is interested in the paradox of contemporary themes expressed through classical styles and characters. His paintings are metaphors for what he describes as the “emotional strivings each of us must juggle with daily.” For example, the kind of energy the couple expends in Tethered to maintain their pose, tied to a tree, seems like a metaphor for a struggling modern relationship. Using deep hues and strong lighting effects, Thomas conjures a spiritual or religious feeling in other works – which in turn is belied by their narratives. The Master of his Fate looks uncertain about his situation, while the woman in Looking Glass does not meet the eyes of her own reflection.

Thomas’ figures and scenes are ambiguous, almost archetypal, like elements in our collective unconscious. He wishes to confront the introspective nature of humanity that can be trying, fearful or at a cross-roads. He does this by expressing a sense of “how the body feels when it moves in a dream”.


Allyn Cantor

 Wed, Apr 7, 2004