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Madeleine Wood: Perky Peppers

Portfoliio Gallery
Vancouver BC Apr 1-May 5, 2004

Madeline Wood - Four on the Move
Madeleine Wood, Four on the Move (2004), oil on canvas, [Portfolio Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 1 May 5]

Madeleine Wood’s show of perky peppers is as large and colourful as one might imagine. Twelve oil paintings ranging from 6 to 44 inches in size depict red, yellow and green peppers as “little populations of mirth.” They are lovingly painted with the veracity of the original visual sensations and show a variety of compositions and perspectives.

After years of figurative work and a move to Vancouver, Wood brightened her palette and became fascinated by the human postures of fruit and vegetables. Each day, her walk along Commercial Drive past the fruit stands to her studio brings fresh ideas. She is drawn not only to their colours and shiny surfaces but seeks to transform them into various sexual dynamics. With their exuberant edge of Pop Art, her “voluptuous creatures,” as she describes them, are painted in a style reminiscent of the New York photo realists of the 60s.

Madeline Wood - Four States
Madeleine Wood, Four States (2002), oil on canvas [Portfolio Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 1-May 5]

This is Wood’s fourth exhibit at the Portfolio Gallery. She has participated extensively in group exhibits since acquiring a diploma from Emily Carr and a Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University. Wood is also known for her community involvement with artists during the past five years in her work with the Alliance for Arts & Culture.


Mia Johnson

 Mon, May 10, 2004