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Donna Baspaly: The Imaginative Eye

Kurbatoff Gallery
Vancouver BC May 5-19, 2005

Donna Baspaly - Women for Sale
Donna Baspaly, Women for Sale (2005), mixed media collage on canvas [Kurbatoff Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, May5-19]

West Coast artist Donna Baspaly uses mixed media to create multi-layered semi-abstracts, urban scenes, landscapes and figurative work. She combines numerous transparent glazes and layers of textured paint with collage materials. The success of her thinly-veiled images is based on her manipulation of pictorial space and spatial relationships. With their dense stratas of complex subject matter, the artworks convey a voyeuristic impression while maintaining a strong sense of narrative.

Of the current work Baspaly writes, "During the process of painting for this show, I tried not to have preconceived ideas as to what the art would become... Deep psychological feelings surfaced, causing some exciting surprises. Sadness would emerge in contrast with pure playfulness. Shapes, texture and colour gave the work the underlying structure and cohesiveness I desired… I share with you a look into my imagination."

Baspaly's art career spans more than twenty-six years. She is a Senior Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and has won many awards, including Bronze and Silver Medals. She has exhibited in Japan, Australia, the United States and Canada, and her popular work has been included in numerous magazines.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Apr 3, 2005