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Edward Epp: The Human Figure
(Paintings 1990-2005)

Marion Scott Gallery
Maple Ridge BC Apr 23-May 22, 2005

Fred Thornton Hollingsworth - Tretheway Residence, Abbotsford

Edward Epp, Male Sitting (2005), acrylic on
canvas [Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 23-May 22]

Edward Epp moved from the Canadian prairies to northwest British Columbia in 1988 and has subsequently produced a substantial amount of work in both acrylic and watercolour. The Human Figure features his less well-known studies of models. Over fifty paintings created between 1990-2005 represent his first solo show in Vancouver in fifteen years.

Using formats that range widely in size and proportions, Epp treats his figurative images with either thickly-painted impasto or thin washes of transparent colour. His loose, rough charcoal and watercolour sketches capture the mood of his subjects in a quick flash of deft strokes, while the more solid paintings on canvas and board show a quiet and reflective approach.

Canadian artists such as Otto Rogers, William Pereudoff, Dorothy Knowles and Greg Hardy influenced Epp's early work as an abstract painter. In recent years he has become better known for dramatic landscape paintings of northern panoramas. There will be an artist’s talk on Saturday April 23 at 2 pm.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Apr 3, 2005