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Cory Fuhr

Elliott Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC Apr 15-May 8, 2005

Cory Fuhr - Reflections
Cory Fuhr, Reflections (2004), steel [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 15-May 8]

Cory Fuhr is a British Columbian sculptor who has quickly become recognized for his unique anthropomorphic metal sculptures of robot-like, lifesized figures. Since Fuhr began sculpting in 1996, his work has steadily moved away from the functional to the expressive and narrative. The animated characters, including both males and “femaloids”, have provoked strong viewer responses during exhibits in Victoria, Vernon, Kelowna and Phoenix, Arizona as well as at the Elliott Louis Gallery in 2003.

Fuhr demonstrates what has been described as “an impressive finesse” with a welding torch – especially considering his steel assemblages can weigh in at 300 pounds with arms up to 11 feet in length. His work incorporates machine parts, gears, metal shards and tools using arc-welding, manual cold manipulation and thermal folding. Yet he manages to imbue the forms with a futuristic sense of romance and drama despite their cold and shiny surfaces.

During the opening on April 15, the Juno-nominated band Sekoya will perform.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Apr 3, 2005