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The Illustrator's Show

Linda Lando Fine Art
Vancouver BC May 14-28, 2005

Wendy Wortsman - Eiffel Tower-Dog
Wendy Wortsman, Eiffel Tower-Dog (2003), mixed media [Linda Lando Fine Art, Vancouver BC, May 14-28]

The Illustrator’s Show features four internationally acclaimed commercial illustrators: Stephanie Carter, Steve Hepburn, Kathy Boake W. and Wendy Wortsman. Their work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, posters and advertising. This exhibit takes a special look “behind the scenes” of their printed work.

The stylized images of Vancouver illustrator Stephanie Carter have graced the pages of many magazines and corporate materials. She is the recipient of two “Lotus” awards and a “Global” award

Working from his home studio in Vancouver, Steve Hepburn paints exclusively in oils and draws on John Singer Sargent as his greatest influence.

Kathy Boake W., whose award-winning work can often be seen in magazines such as Vancouver Magazine, Western Living, Canadian Living and Saturday Night, is well-known for her sardonic cartoon-like illustrations of people with enlarged heads and sense of self-importance.

Wendy Wortsman is a painter and illustrator with many gallery exhibits, grants and awards to her credit. She originally trained at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and her work has been used for animation, posters, window displays, T-shirts, murals, magazines, newspapers and packaging.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Apr 3, 2005