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Below and Above: Heather Aston and Rina Pita

Malaspina Printmakers
Vancouver BC May 24-June 19, 2005

Heather Aston - Above and Below the Soil Diaries
Heather Aston, Above and Below the Soil Diaries (2004), oil monotype with chine collé [Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver BC, May 24-June 19]

Below and Above is an exhibition showcasing two printmakers, Heather Aston and Rina Pita, and their different explorative approaches to the organic life force that breathes below and above the surface of the earth.

Heather Aston creates lush and colourful monotypes, offset prints, drypoints, aquatint etchings and relief prints. Over the years Aston has developed a unique style for making these original monoprints. She incorporates chine collé, including such materials as lace, gauze, netting, dried thistles and fragments from her journal writings, to produce prints with rich, deep textures. Her subjects are taken from her own photographs and drawings of flowers, fruit and vegetables, both in bloom and in decline.

Rina Pita’s mixed media prints encompass the “Above” part of the exhibit with a focus on the macro environment and the sky that connects us to our universe. The work is part of an ongoing series of subjective landscapes titled “Wild Realms”. The prints represent forests and grasslands in transition, at the end or at the beginning of a cycle, in the process of regeneration from natural or man-made devastation. Pita’s work incorporates digital processes and traditional printmaking techniques.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Apr 3, 2005