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Ceciliá Z. Miguez

Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
Vancouver BC thru Apr 30, 2005

Ceciliá Z. Miguez - The Safe Return
Ceciliá Z. Miguez, The Safe Return (2004), bronze, wood, mixed media [Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver BC, through Apr 30]

Ceciliá Z. Miguez is a renowned Uruguayan artist who lives and works in California. Originally trained as a dancer, Miguez carves air with her three-dimensional sculptures assembled from pieces of bronze, carved wood and found objects. They have been described as academic figures infused with fantasy and nostalgic charm, “escaped from the gothic imagination of Hieronymus Bosch”. They seem to leap out of timeless fables and myths.

The influence of Miguez’ Latin American heritage can be seen in her mystical and surrealist artistic sensibility. Through fantastic configurations, she conjurs up mythic animals, warrior humans, fashionistas and futuristic automatons. They are open-ended narratives from our collective unconscious with all of its dark archetypes and comedic personas.

Miguez’ works are found in the permanent collections of the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California; the Long Beach Museum of Art; and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montevideo, Uruguay. Recent solo exhibitions include the Riverside Museum and the Bakersfield Museum of Art, California; the Embassy of the Republic of Uruguay, Washington, DC; and the Museo de Arte Americano de Maldonado in Uruguay.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Apr 3, 2005