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Henk Pander: Paintings

Laura Russo Gallery
Portland OR Apr 7-30, 2005

Henk Pander - Rescue
Henk Pander, Rescue (2005), oil on canvas [Laura Russo Gallery, Portland OR, Apr 7-30]

Henk Pander has become an important figure in northwest art since immigrating to Portland, Oregon in 1965. Classically trained in Amsterdam during the 1950s, Pander has a style rooted in drawing and the techniques of the Dutch Masters. His provocative scenes glow with a lively authenticity that honours tradition, while creating moving, ominous depictions of dramatic modern events.

Henk Pander - For My Father
Henk Pander, For My Father (2004), oil on canvas [Laura Russo Gallery, Portland OR Apr 7-30]

The Dutch-born painter has remained true to his distinct vision of painting inspite of passing artistic trends. A realist, Pander finds his subjects in contemporary events, as well as some still life, portrait and plein air work. In past works Pander has painted airplane wreckage, narratives reminiscent of his childhood in German-occupied Holland during World War II and an awesome documentation of the New Carissa, an oil carrier ship wrecked off the Oregon Coast.

While Pander’s subject matter is often dismal, it is also socially poignant. He emphasizes the realities of war, destruction and the current global situation. His images are those of a man who has confronted tragedy first hand. Pander visits the sites he represents and documents them with sketches, watercolours and notes. In a current work, he illustrates Lower Manhattan a few months after 911. Pander’s images of these pivotal events are infused with his emotions.

Henk Pander - The Dark and Light of Haarlem
Henk Pander, The Dark and Light of Haarlem (2005), oil on canvas [Laura Russo Gallery, Portland OR Apr 7-30]


Allyn Cantor

 Mon, Apr 4, 2005