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Andre Petterson: Voice

Bau-Xi Gallery
Vancouver BC Apr 9-30, 2005

Andre Pettersen - Zigeunermusik
Andre Pettersen, Zigeunermusik (2005), multi-mixed media on panel [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Apr 9-30]

Burnaby artist Andre Petterson has been exhibiting his multimedia pieces and installations at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver and Toronto since 1975. He has been well represented in group exhibitions from Washington to Quebec for his varied use of artistic mediums, including installations, performance art, films and kinetic works involving his own music compositions, sets and choreography.

In recent years, Petterson has developed a method of transferring photographs that he then layers with paint. He frequently draws his inspiration from music and has created a vocabulary of various signs and marks, especially those relating to music notation and instruments. In the current show, Petterson juxtaposes piano keys with theatre speaker boxes.

Andre Pettersen - Score
Andre Pettersen, Score (2005), mixed media on panel, light fixture, bulb [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Apr 9-30]

Andre Pettersen - Curtain Call
Andre Pettersen, Curtain Call (2005), mixed media on panel [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Apr 9-30]

As a former musician in rock and jazz groups, Petterson is well acquainted with the subject matter of pianos. He writes, " Every time I see an old piano, I either want to play it or I think about its history." For years he has been drawing "nonsensical" music notation. This series allows him to explore these themes in an exciting new manner.


Mia Johnson

 Mon, Apr 4, 2005