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Rhythm and Change: The Bow in Contemporary Art

Glenbow Museum
Calgary AB thru June 5, 2005

Ursula Salemink Roos - Coastal Impression XII
Frederic M. Bell-Smith (1846-1923), Vermilion Lakes, Banff, North West Territories (1887), water colour on paper [Glenbow Museum, Calgary AB, through June 5]

Rhythm and Change is a multimedia exhibit of contemporary artworks including painting, drawing, photographs and prints. It forms one segment of Our River: Journey of the Bow, a blockbuster exhibition that celebrates Alberta’s 2005 Centennial and examines Alberta's Bow River from diverse perspectives: geological, cultural, historical and artistic.

Marquis of Lorne - Blackfeet Indians Camp on the Bow River
Marquis of Lorne (1845-1914) Blackfeet Indians Camp on the Bow River, 1881, Engraving on paper, Collection of Glenbow Museum.

The 623-kilometre Bow River runs from Banff National Park in the Rockies to the province of Saskatchewan in the east. From the city of Banff, well known for its arts colony, artists since the 1930s have been inspired to include the Bow River in their work. The current exhibition provides an opportunity to learn more about the ways artists have approached the river and what they have found memorable and “paintable.”

Helen Barbara Stadelbauer - Tree at Bow Falls
Helen Barbara Stadelbauer (b. 1910) Tree at Bow Falls, n.d., Oil on board, Collection of Glenbow Museum.

W.J. Phillips - Mount Rundle, Banff
W.J. Phillips (1884-1963) Mount Rundle, Banff, 1945, Watercolour on paper, Collection of Glenbow Museum.

E.J. Hughes - Calgary, Alberta
E.J. Hughes (b. 1913) Calgary, Alberta, 1957, Watercolour on paper, Collection of Glenbow Museum.

Popular artists whose work is featured in the show include Ted Godwin, EJ Hughes, A.Y. Jackson, Dorothy Knowles, Marion and Jim Nicholl, George and Kathleen Pepper, Mario Reis, Walter Phillips and Craig Richards.


Mia Johnson

 Mon, Apr 4, 2005