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Etienne Zack

Equinox Gallery
Vancouver BC Apr 7-30, 2005

Ursula Salemink Roos - Coastal Impression XII
Etienne Zack, Power Scare (2004), acrylic and oil on canvas [Equinox Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 7-30]

Etienne Zack is a young painter whose images portray odd and unscenic locations littered with bits of building materials and other rubble. Their awkwardness, their sense of incompletion and the absence of classical painting technique are the very qualities that make them extremely attractive. A narrative tension comes from the unsettling compositions that is immediately provocative and voyeuristic.

Like many of his contemporaries, Zack became established through the use of recycled photographs from advertising, television and the web. His paintings of abandoned urban debris are inspired by snapshots of remnants left behind after a film shoot, the discovery of forgotten corners and barren sites, or by the photographs he himself collects and clips from publications.

Etienne Zack - Middle Man
Etienne Zack, Middle Man (2004), acrylic and oil on canvas [Equinox Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 7-30]

Etienne Zack was born in Montreal in 1976. A graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, he has lived and worked in Vancouver since 1997. His paintings have been exhibited in Québec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. In 2005, Zack's paintings will be part of a touring show, Genre-Bending: New Art From Vancouver, in Vienna and Geneva. Zack is represented by Artcore Gallery in Toronto, Equinox Gallery in Vancouver and Galeria Marina-Miranda in Madrid, Spain.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Apr 3, 2005