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Heyday: Peter Freitag, Kristi Malakoff
and Sarah Massecar

Artspeak, Vancouver BC – Apr 1- May 6, 2006

Peter Freitag - examples of communication #19
Peter Freitag, examples of communication #19 (2000) lambda print on aluminum dibond [Artspeak, Vancouver BC, Apr 1-May 6]

”Heyday” – a word derived from a Middle Ages exclamation for pleasure – refers to a peak period of success or power. The artists in Heyday, a new exhibit at Vancouver’s Artspeak, dismantle artefacts and scenes from capitalist society, which they consider to be in its prime. As the curator writes, “Through their processual and conceptual operations, Freitag, Malakoff and Massecar question the present moment and capital’s shifting role.”

Peter Freitag, a Berlin-based artist, appropriates images from European resort brochures, then scans and digitally manipulates them in what he calls “computer-aided interference.” By removing some of the content, lighting effects and other distracting elements, he puts the emphasis of his vignettes on the interaction between the people who appear in them. Freitag’s work has been shown in Europe, the United States and Toronto.

Vancouver artist Kristi Malakoff has a fascination with miniatures. She obsessively cuts up material like wallpaper, cereal boxes and paper money and folds it into three-dimensional objects. The desire to bring things to life is her primary source of inspiration. For Heyday, she has created birds and a cabin from dollar bills. Malakoff, a recent ECIAD graduate, has been a recipient of the Governor General’s Award, the Helen Pitt Award and the Alvin Balkind Memorial Scholarship.

Sarah Massecar deconstructs and reassembles personal objects like wallets, shoes, furniture and books, then puts them together again in order to understand “a certain archeology of thought contained and revealed by each object”. Massecar, a Toronto artist, has shown her work in Canada and the United States.


Mia Johnson

Sarah Massecar - Remade (detail)
Sarah Massecar, Remade (detail), (2004) Puma shoes and display case [Artspeak, Vancouver BC, Apr 1-May 6]

Kristi Malakoff - Ornithological Series - $5
Kristi Malakoff, Ornithological Series - $5 (detail), (2004) Three $5 bills, mdf, paint, acrylic box [Artspeak, Vancouver BC, Apr 1-May 6]

 Wed, Apr 5, 2006