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Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes

Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA – Apr 22-Oct 1, 2006

Maya Lin - 2x4 Landscape
Maya Lin, 2x4 Landscape (2005), installation [Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA, Apr 22-Oct 1]

In her new exhibition Systematic Landscapes, Maya Lin constructs three installations inside the Henry Art Gallery with related sculptures and drawings. The large-scale installations interpret natural topography, such as geological surfaces of a mountain range or an undersea formation. They function in a similar manner as her outdoor work, where the prominence of natural forms and technical accuracy are in seamless balance. Visitors are able to walk on, underneath or through the interactive installations.

Systematic Landscapes includes a number of photographs documenting Lin’s recent earthworks and architectural accomplishments, as well as models and drawings for a major upcoming venture, The Confluence Project. The latter work will consist of seven installations set along a 450-mile stretch of the Columbia River Gorge. The site-specific project, Lin’s largest to date, will mark the original contact points between Native Americans and members of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Maya Lin - Atlas Landscape
Maya Lin, Atlas Landscape (2006), [Henry Art Gallery WA, Apr 22-Oct 1]

Maya Lin’s innovations stem from her background in both art and architecture. Like the artists of the Earth Art movement in the 1970’s, Lin’s epic outdoor works exist in formal integration with the environment while still inviting emotional responses from viewers. Most notable is her design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Washington, DC, 1982) which first brought Maya Lin to public attention.


Allyn Cantor

Maya Lin - Caspian Sea
Maya Lin, Caspian Sea (2006), [Henry Art Gallery WA, Apr 22-Oct 1]

Maya Lin - Wire Landscape
Maya Lin, Wire Landscape (2006), [Henry Art Gallery WA, Apr 22-Oct 1]

 Wed, Apr 5, 2006