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Milos Jones: Imprint of Form and Process

Malaspina Printmakers
Vancouver BC – May 16-Jun 11

Milos Jones

Milos Jones, Serenade #3 (2006), lithograph [Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver BC, May 16-Jun 11]

Vancouver artist Milos Jones studied at the Tamarind Institute, and has earned a Diploma of Fine Arts from Langara College, a Bachelor of Education at UBC and an MFA from the University of Calgary. Her media of choice is lithography. She prints on either paper or clay, and her stylistic approach is quintessentially modernist. She has extensively explored the designs and forms of ancient Greek and Chinese ceramic vessels.

Over the past year, Milos has experimented with images showing close-up views of two vessels touching or overlapping. Her current imprints depict curved shapes highlighted by textures more descriptive of the human body than antique vessels. With delicate surface details (hair, fuzzy growth, skin textures) and low-key, almost monochromatic colours, Milos composes what appear to be sections of nude bodies. The extreme cropping implies sensual elements like scrotums, buttocks, bellies, breasts and nipples. As she writes, they are “redolent with the innate desire to form human bonds to procreate.”

The gallery section of her website, www.milosjones.com, is similarly like a peepshow, with glimpses of erotic body forms inside a small frame. The Malaspina Printmaker’s press release describes her work as “rich and lush, representing her own organic relationship to the stone she draws on, augmenting her print work and enhancing the sensual interplay of the forms created.


Mia Johnson

 Wed, Apr 5, 2006