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China Sensation: New Art from Chengdu

Art Gallery of Alberta
Edmonton AB – Apr 14-Jun 10, 2007

Chengdian Wu - Genesis
Chengdian Wu, Genesis (undated), colour photograph [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Apr 14-Jun 10]

China Sensation is a major exhibition of work by 22 contemporary Chinese artists living in Chengdu, Sichuan in the People’s Republic of China. The city of Chengdu is the economic and cultural centre of China’s most populated province and has been well situated to adopt and absorb western art practices.

Following the enormous success of the first Shanghai Biennale, Chengdu inaugurated its own Biennale in 2001. Since that time the community has seen increased participation by curators, local collectors, foreign artists and international museums. Today there are over 20 museums in Chengdu.

The artwork in the China Sensation exhibit shows a transition from traditional Chinese landscape painting and calligraphic styles to work informed by media awareness and conceptual irony. While images by the more senior artists are clearly linked to long historical traditions, the art of younger artists has been greatly influenced by western entertainment and media images – including lively collage-inspired works, new forms of photography, Internet-inspired subject matter and video art. Overriding all is a sense of today’s global community combined with an Asian style and subject matter. China Sensation is a unique opportunity to see the work of artists from a rapidly evolving country.


Mia Johnson

Peng Jiang - Kill all the Pests 2
Peng Jiang, Kill all the Pests 2 (no date), oil on canvas [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Apr 14-Jun 10]

Guoqiang Zhang –  Desire – the Earthly World
Guoqiang Zhang, Desire – the Earthly World (no date), oil on canvas [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Apr 14-Jun 10]

 Fri, Apr 6, 2007