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Ursula Salemink–Roos

Bel Art Gallery, two locations:
North Vancouver BC, and in the Export Centre, Vancouver BC
thru Mar 2005

Ursula Salemink Roos - Coastal Impression XII
Ursula Salemink-Roos, Coastal Impression XII (2004), acrylic on canvas [Bel Art Gallery, North Vancouver and The Export Centre, Vancouver, BC, through Mar]

Ursula Salemink-Roos is a German-born artist who lives and teaches in Burnaby. She has a distinctive style in the universal genre of semi-abstract landscape painting. Her affinity for texture, developed through experience as a weaver, is expressed in broad strokes of impasto.

Using a subdued palette of burnt sienna, ultramarine and yellow ochre, Salemink-Roos combines sweeping washes with softly delineated landforms. Her broad skies and tremulous expanses of sea merely hint at the suggestion of form – just enough to identify the locale as the Pacific West Coast in all its moodiness. The acrylic on canvas landscapes convey a sense of changeable weather and the dampness of the coast mountains.

Beatrice and Stephan Schreiber, who moved to Deep Cove from Germany, established the Bel Art Gallery in 1996. The gallery is a popular meeting place for school projects, workshops and lectures as well as a showcase for artists. Public art from the gallery is also displayed at the German Consulate in Vancouver.

Mia Johnson

 Mon, Feb 14, 2005