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Harry and Linda Stanbridge: Communion

Two Rivers Gallery
Prince George BC – Apr 26-Jun 24, 2007

Linda Stanbridge - Spine

Linda Stanbridge, Spine, brushed, powder-coated aluminum, raku-fired ceramic, welded aluminum armature [Two Rivers Gallery, Apr 26-Jun 24]

Communion is an exhibition of work created over the past five years by Harry and Linda Stanbridge and curated by George Harris. The Stanbridges have shared their work and lives and 35 years. The exhibition title is a testament to their ongoing partnership and commitment to Christianity.

The essence of their art practice has been described as a desire to express in a material way “the still quiet place in which one engages the Other”. They use optical devices in a non-narrative and almost meditative manner. Harry Stanbridge creates op-art canvasses with grids, plaids and squares that question visual perception and optical reality. Linda Stanbridge is known for symmetrical relief sculptures employing geometric primitives and installation perspectives. The wall pieces, constructed of ceramics and metals, are like visual anagrams in three-dimensional space. The canvasses and the wall pieces are large and expansive, filled with light and physically commanding.

Harry Stanbridge - Shadow of Ecstasy #9
Harry Stanbridge, Shadow of Ecstasy #9, acrylic on canvas [Two Rivers Gallery, Apr 26-Jun 24]

Harry Stanbridge has exhibited his acrylic paintings nationally and internationally for the past forty years. They have been collected by the Canadian Consulate in Sydney Australia, Simon Fraser University, The Seattle Art Museum, the University of Victoria, and the Greater Victoria Art Gallery, among others. Linda Stanbridge was born in Glasgow and studied at the Vancouver School of Art. The work of both artists has been shown extensively in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Apr 6, 2007