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Dorothy Knowles: New Work

Douglas Udell Gallery
Edmonton AB – Apr 26-May 10, 2008

Dorothy Knowles - Line of Orange AC-16-07

Dorothy Knowles, Line of Orange AC-16-07 (2007), acrylic on canvas [Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton AB, Apr 26-May 10]

Dorothy Knowles is one of Canada's best-known landscape painters. Born in 1927 in Saskatchewan, she has painted prolifically for more than sixty years in a style known as the British Watercolour Technique With brief and transparent strokes of watercolour, acrylic, charcoal or oil paint, sometimes in combination, Knowles builds vigorous and forceful images of the prairie landscape that often have a kind of abstract calligraphy. The current exhibit shows paintings completed over the last few years and released from the her studio for the first time.

Dorothy Knowles - Colors in the Spring AC-003-00

Dorothy Knowles, Colors in the Spring AC-003-00 (2000), acrylic on canvas [Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton AB, Apr 26-May 10]

Knowles has a degree in Biology and studied at the Goldsmith School of Art in London, England in 1951. A turning pointing in Knowles' career came at an Emma Lake Artists Workshop in 1962 where the American critic, Clement Greenberg, encouraged her to paint from nature and to disregard the predominance of abstraction at the time. She became an active and significant member of the Saskatchewan arts community. In 1987, Knowles was awarded the Merit of Saskatchewan and in 2004, the prestigious Order of Canada.

Dorothy Knowles and her husband, artist William Perehudoff, live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Working from her mobile art studio, she paints the landscape of the prairie from life. Her work was once described by Terrence Heath as having "an energetic patterning of colour" in full-scale paintings that "retain the freshness of sketches". In recent years she has exhibited in Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Vancouver.


Mia Johnson

Dorothy Knowles - Mist AC-011-07

Dorothy Knowles, Mist AC-011-07 (2007), acrylic on canvas [Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton AB, Apr 26-May 10]

 Wed, Apr 2, 2008