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Elspeth Pratt: Nonetheless

Charles H. Scott Gallery
Emily Carr Institute
Vancouver BC – Mar 12-Apr 20, 2008

Elspeth Pratt - Building Back

Elspeth Pratt, Building Back (2007),
ardboard, nylon, crate [Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver BC, Mar 12-Apr 20]

Vancouver-based artist Elspeth Pratt employs simple building and household materials to engage complex ideas about architecture and the social use of urban space. Through her choice of such discarded and scavenged materials as corrugated cardboard, textured vinyl cloth, carpet, insulation and Formica, Pratt seeks to question ideas of value and permanence associated with traditional sculpture.

In Nonetheless, her references range from architects Shigeru Ban and Le Corbusier, to the temporary cardboard shacks in Brazil known as favelas. Her inventive shapes and materials underscore the costly and wasteful building practices of wealthy nations. She also borrows from the 20th century formal vocabularies associated with constructivist and post-minimalist sculpture to address the line between abstraction and representation.

Elspeth Pratt has been exhibiting since 1983. She has had numerous solo shows including the Contemporary Art Gallery, YYZ in Toronto and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. She has exhibited in group shows in Canada, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and Italy. Among these are Weak Thought at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Architettura: Astriazione in Rome, and Contingent: Eva Hesse, Elspeth Pratt, and Martha Townsend at the Dunlop Art Gallery. Pratt is the recipient of numerous awards and grants including the VIVA Award in 1993.

Nonetheless is curated by Kathy Slade.


Mia Johnson

Elspeth Pratt - Lift

Elspeth Pratt, Lift (2008), foamcore, vinyl [Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver BC, Mar 12-Apr 20]

 Wed, Apr 2, 2008