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Vessna Perunovich: Borderless

The Stride Art Gallery
Calgary AB – Apr 4-May 30, 2008

Vessna Perunovich - Soul Searching

Vessna Perunovich, Soul Searching (2006), wall installation [The Stride Art Gallery, Calgary AB, Apr 4-May 10]

Vessna Perunovich is a Toronto-based visual artist from the former Yugoslavia, with both a B.F.A.and M.F.A. from the University of Belgrade, who expresses herself through a variety of media. Her idiosyncratic artwork, from sculpture and painting to video installation and performance art, is highly personal and dramatic. A sense of tension is constant. Her sculptural installations, videos and performances address her own experiences with immigration and dislocation. Recently she travelled to England, Portugal, Italy and Cuba with her performance piece Transitory Places, which explores notions of home, a sense of belonging, the utopian dream of a perfect place, and ultimate disillusion in the pursuit of that ideal.

Borderless consists of a wall installation, video projection and works on paper, all relating to themes of exclusion, displacement of human spirit, and the bridging of social, political, and cultural barriers between people. One of her principal themes is described as "social silence and its disruption by knowledge". Through her art, she seeks to speak on behalf of exiles everywhere.

Perunovich's work was shown at the 8th Havana Biennial in Havana, Cuba, the Second Tirana Biennial in Tirana, Albania, the Xll International Art Biennial of Cerveira in Portugal, the lV Cetinje Biennial in Yugoslavia, the Vl Vrsac Biennial in Serbia & Montenegro, and at the ARTiade 2004 in Athens, Greece. In Canada, her work has been reviewed in World Sculpture Magazine, Canadian Art, Espace Sculpture, Flash Art, Vie des Arts, Mix Magazine, C Magazine, the Globe and Mail, and Border Crossings.


Mia Johnson

Vessna Perunovich - Currency

Vessna Perunovich, Currency (2006), wall installation [The Stride Art Gallery, Calgary AB, Apr 4-May 10]

Vessna Perunovich - Utopia

Vessna Perunovich, Utopia (2004-2006), wall installation [The Stride Art Gallery, Calgary AB, Apr 4-May 10]

 Wed, Apr 2, 2008