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Stephen Waddell

Contemporary Art Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 4-Jun 1, 2008

Stephen Waddell - Man Sketching

Stephen Waddell, Man Sketching (2004), colour photograph
[Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 4-Jun 1]

Stephen Waddell practices a form of photography in which he seeks to capture his subjects anonymously and on the spur of the moment. The resulting images are blown up from 35 mm negatives to large-scale prints that emphasize the film grain and invite comparisons to painting. The size of the photographs is determined by a sense of real-life viewing distance.

Curated by Roy Arden, the CAG exhibit features new work described by Arden as "pictures with a camera" for their approach in the tradition of Realist painting. Despite being found by serendipity, Waddell's scenes appear deliberately composed and almost epic in nature. His solitary figures, whether depicted in photographs or isolated in paintings, appear in their "docu-dramas" as highly-charged symbols of humanity.

Stephen Waddell earned an M.F.A. at the University of British Columbia and a B.A. at Simon Fraser University. His work has been shown in Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart in Germany, and at Monte Clark in Vancouver and Toronto. In Canada, his large-scale photos have been collected by the Canada Council Art Bank and the National Gallery of Canada. In 1998, he began dividing his time between studios in Berlin and Vancouver.

Artist Talk, Apr 24, 7pm
The Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver is hosting an artist’s talk at 7pm, Thursday, April 24, at the Contemporary Art Gallery.


Mia Johnson

Stephen Waddell - Asphalt Layer

Stephen Waddell, Asphalt Layer (2002), colour photograph
[Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 4-Jun 1]

Stephen Waddell - Pond Garden

Stephen Waddell, Pond Garden (2002), colour photograph
[Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 4-Jun 1]

 Fri, Apr 4, 2008