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BGL: Marshmallow + Cauldron + Fire =

Contemporary Art Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 17- Jun 7, 2009

Domaine de l’angle II (2008)

Domaine de l’angle II (2008), suspended ceiling from White Night event [Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 17-Jun 7] Photo: Toni Hathenscheid

View of BGL’s Nowhere II

View of BGL’s Nowhere II, a 28-foot scale model of a luxury cruise ship in the Don River, Toronto 2008, with their Marche avec moi legs on wheels in the foreground [Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 17-Jun 7]

Nowhere II (2008).

Nowhere II (2008), a 28-foot scale model of a luxury cruise ship in the Don River, Toronto, Art and Environment Centre, Number 9 [Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 17-Jun 7] Photo: Catherine Dean

The Québec City-based art collective BGL is known for installations that take over gallery and public spaces. Described as “cheeky, critical and explosive”, their works use humour and outrageousness to attract attention to social and political issues. Earlier installations have featured a taxidermied moose on a turnstile, and a Mercedes automobile on a faux lawn. They have created startling installations outdoors by combining interior materials with the natural world.

The three artists, Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère and Nicholas Laverdière, began making a name for themselves in Eastern Canada after their 1996 graduation from Université Laval. They have become a cause célèbre at galleries, artist-run centres and museums, including the National Gallery of Canada; Mercer Union and Koffler Gallery, Toronto; the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton; the Royal Museum of Ontario; and the Canadian Centre in Paris.

BGL has shown internationally in France, Luxembourg, Poland, Cuba, Argentina and Mexico. They participated in the Montréal Biennial, were nominated for the Sobey Art Award and had a solo exhibition at Diaz Gallery, Toronto. As a collective, BGL has received numerous grants from Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts, and received the Videre visual arts event award in Québec. As Bilodeau explains, “It is more easy to play with friends than play alone.”


Mia Johnson

 Tue, Apr 14, 2009