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Blackfish Gallery 30th Anniversary Show

Blackfish Gallery
Portland OR – Mar 31-May 2, 2009

Jim Neidhardt, Persona Non Grata

Jim Neidhardt, Persona Non Grata, acrylic on canvas [Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR, Mar 31-May 2]

Stephan Soihl, Array with Brass Composing Element

Stephan Soihl, Array with Brass Composing Element (2006), aluminum, oil, plastic, pump, timer [Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR, Mar 31-May 2]

Kentree Speirs, Outburst

Kentree Speirs, Outburst (2008), oil on canvas [Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR, Mar 31-May 2]

Blackfish Gallery was founded in April 1979 as an artist-run co-operative gallery, and has been owned and operated by working members since its inception. Of the original 15 co-founders, Barbara Black, Paul Missal and Stephan Soihl are still with the gallery today.

Now celebrating its 30th year, Blackfish is one of the longeststanding successful co-op galleries in the United States. The gallery exhibits contemporary paintings and prints, sculpture, assemblage, and mixed media work by the gallery's 28 members. Blackfish also hosts selected invitational and theme shows. It has, over the years, been a launching point for the careers of many of Portland's most accomplished artists.

The 30th anniversary group exhibition provides a cross-section of work shown by the Blackfish Gallery. It features work by all current members, including several emerging artists and such wellknown talents as Robert Dozono and Michael Knutson. Some of the more provocative works are Stephan Soihl's recent sculptural pieces. Using sets of plastic tubing filled with oil and supported within various metal structures, these quasi-scientific sculptures are complete with a pump and timer. However offbeat these pieces seem, they are balanced by Soihl's execution of a clean and modern aesthetic that is undeniably elegant.


Allyn Cantor

 Tue, Apr 14, 2009