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Kent Lovelace: Luberon Paintings

Lisa Harris Gallery
Seattle WA – May 7-30, 2009

Kent Lovelace, Normandy Apple

Kent Lovelace, Normandy Apple (2009), oil on copper [Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle WA, May 7-30] photo courtesy of the artist

Kent Lovelace, Late Light

Kent Lovelace, Late Light (2009), oil on copper, [Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle WA, May 7-30] photo courtesy of the artist

Kent Lovelace travels to such places as Ireland, Italy, France and the West Coast of the United States to capture visual impressions for his atypical landscapes. In his new works, the Washington-based artist paints scenes from the Luberon region in Provence, France. In this series Lovelace emphasizes subtle movements that occur in nature: wind-blown trees and shifting light.

Using transparent oil glazes on copper plates or copper leaf, Lovelace's luminous paintings build on techniques of the 15th century European Renaissance. The moody valley terrain as Lovelace represents it has the atmospheric grace of a lush and fertile countryside. A heightened awareness as to the constancy of change in nature results in a soft visible motion.

Lovelace evokes the quietude of changing light that is indicative of early morning and deep dusk. Soft lavender skies set against the warm earthy fields of a cultivated rural environment fill these compositions. His imagery often portrays lone trees that suggest solitude, serenity and contemplation. His brilliant and reflective copper undertones elegantly remind us of the tranquil beauty residing in nature.


Allyn Cantor

 Sat, Apr 4, 2009