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Eric Stotik, Untitled 2377 (2008)

Eric Stotik, Untitled 2377 (2008), acrylic on mechanics rag [Laura Russo Gallery, Portland WA, Apr 2-May 2] Photo: NessPace

Eric Stotik: Paintings

Laura Russo Gallery
Portland OR – Apr 2-May 2, 2009

Eric Stotik, Untitled 2280

Eric Stotik, Untitled 2280 (2008), acrylic on wood [Laura Russo Gallery, Portland WA, Apr 2-May 2]

Eric Stotik's small and intricate paintings depict figures caught in frozen moments within surreal worlds. Stotik's realities seem to exist in the outer reaches of the psyche. His sensitive renderings are dark and beautiful, in a crisp palette and petite scale that invites investigation. The portrayals are meticulous and technically immaculate.

Untitled, the paintings leave plenty of room for the viewer's imagination. Yet the eccentric dreamscapes are fragmented and haunting leaving a nightmarish impression that makes us feel uncertain. For example, in one enigmatic scenario characteristic of Stotik's work, he has painted on mechanic's rag the fiery backdrop of a pseudo-apocalyptic setting that rises into a dark sky. The sky turns into rippling water, seen upside-down with a floating rowboat and a baby lying inside. The synthesis of precision and tension is what makes these works so provocative, mirrored by Stotik's delicate attentive style and his cryptic, ambiguous representations.

The enigmatic scenario is characteristic of Stotik's work, which has been shown extensively in the Northwest since his graduation from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1985. His paintings are in collections at the New York Public Library and the Yale University Gallery as well as the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, the Portland Art Museum, and the Hallie Ford Museum in Salem.


Allyn Cantor

 Tue, Apr 14, 2009