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Ken Wallace: Reflections

Bau-Xi Gallery
Vancouver BC – May 9-23, 2009

Ken Wallace, Tunkwa #4

Ken Wallace, Tunkwa #4 (2009), acrylic on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 9-23]

Ken Wallace, Aureum 2

Ken Wallace, Aureum 2 (2009), acrylic on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 9-23]

Ken Wallace, Phthalo Section

Ken Wallace, Phthalo Section (2009), acrylic on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 9-23]

Ken Wallace is a Vancouver painter with a confident and assured style. His recent images of ponds and vegetation are reminiscent of the voluptuous and rhythmic approach of Arthur Lismer, who identified closely with the uncivilized landscape of northern Canada. Like Lismer, who often sought the meaning of nature in the human subconscious by painting hypnotic views of underbrush, Wallace conjures up what he describes as “representations of the idea of nature for contemplation.”

In 2000-2001 Wallace began looking more at “foreground” than at landscape. These richly-coloured new paintings brilliantly convey the nuances of foliage, shrubbery, wind and reflections in dense, saturated images of imaginary ponds and inlets. The subject matter is a good fit with his expressionistic brushwork, and the paintings are, quite literally, gorgeous.

Ken Wallace attended the Alberta College of Art and the Banff School of Fine Arts. He graduated with honours in animation and painting from the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art + Design) in 1973. He has been teaching at Emily Carr University since 1980, where he is an Associate Professor in Visual Arts. His work has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions in major public and private galleries in North America, and he has received four Canada Council Awards for painting and film. His artwork is represented in the collections of the Canada Council Art Bank, the National Gallery Ottawa, Art Gallery of Ontario, Vancouver Art Gallery and in many other government, corporate and university collections across Canada.


Mia Johnson

Ken Wallace, Vandusen Inlet #4

Ken Wallace, Vandusen Inlet #4 (2009), acrylic on canvas [Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 9-23]

 Sat, Apr 4, 2009