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Vincent Trasov: Selected Works 1980-2012

Trench Contemporary Gallery
Vancouver BC – May 17-Jun 17, 2012

Vincent Trasov, Tirana, Albania

Vincent Trasov, Tirana, Albania (2008), ink, wash, gouache on paper [Trench Contemporary Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 17-Jun 17]

Vincent Trasov, Untitled

Vincent Trasov, Untitled (2010), chemicals heated on paper [Trench Contemporary Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 17-Jun 17]

Paul Gauguin, Vahine no te Tiare

Vincent Trasov, Untitled (2010), chemicals heated on paper and acrylic [Trench Contemporary Gallery, Vancouver BC, May 17-Jun 17]

Vancouver/Berlin-based artist Vincent Trasov has a significant history in Vancouver as a conceptual artist and leader of the arts community. Since 1969, Trasov has been producing graphic and media works as well as paintings, videos and performances.

He founded Image Bank with Michael Morris, his close collaborator of 40 years. A vehicle for research and communications, Image Bank accumulated images and information about artists for its directories from 1969-1974. In 1973, Trasov and seven fellow artists co-founded the Western Front Society, one of Canada’s first artist-run centres. In 1991, Trasov and Morris founded the Morris/Trasov Archive at Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery.

Trasov is doubtless best known for adopting the guise of Mr. Peanut. He ran for mayor of Vancouver wearing his alter-ego costume in 1974 and has since used Mr. Peanut as a vehicle for exploring ideas about history and cultural identity. Ironically, in 2008 he won the Vancouver Mayor’s Award for public art.

Since 1969, Trasov has created a series of unusual works employing chemicals and paper. From his “word” paintings to more visually complex abstract compositions, they explore the effects of heating chemicals like copper sulphate, benzene, and sodium and potassium nitrate with mixed media and acrylic paint on paper grounds.

In an informal survey of Trasov’s practice since 1980, the Trench Gallery will be showing several chemical paintings and burnt studies, as well as a sample of his elegant and witty Mr. Peanut drawings.


Mia Johnson

 Thu, Apr 5, 2012