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Jim Hodges and Shelley Hirsch
“All the Way with Jim and Shell”

Portland Institute of Contemporary Art
PORTLAND OR Jun 26-Aug 24

Shelley Hirsch

Jim Hodges and Shelley Hirsch, All the Way with Jim and Shell, performance/site-specific installation

Jim Hodges and Shelley Hirsch are two New York artists and friends who have known each other for almost fifteen years.

Both of these artists are gifted at improvisation and cross-media expression. Hodges is primarily a mixed media sculptor and installation artist working in common materials ranging from mirrors and glass, to silk flowers or intimate drawings on napkins, wood, manipulated photograph, metal, and light. Shelley Hirsch is a vocalist, composer, and performance artist, who in the past has blended elements of electronica, movement, language, video and multi-media performance to her already complex layered voice work. Together, during their two-week residency at PICA (June 12-26) they will create an installation which moves in and about different sights and experiences. Jim and Shell are encouraging PICA visitors to participate in the installations by bringing objects or music to add to the events. Hodges may even do wall drawings of people who visit.

These artists are creating a space that is wholly interactive, weaving together public experience with private interpretation. As Hodges says, “Colour, light, sound and movement will carry one through the space.”

All the Way with Jim and Shell is a rare opportunity to see cross-disciplinary collaboration.

© Allyn Cantor


 Thu, Jun 6, 2002