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Viatcheslav Tchistiline, Evening Landscape (2002)

Natalia and Viatcheslav Tchistiline

Global Art Venue
Seattle WA Jun 1 - 30

During the month of June Global Art Venue will feature an exhibit of paintings by husband and wife, Natalia and Viatcheslav Tchistiline. The Tchistilines are from eastern Europe and have both been well schooled in art and design while living in the Ukraine. In 1995 they immigrated to Canada and currently reside in Toronto. Before immigrating, both artists had exhibited their work in Russia and Europe, and now in Canada and the U.S.

The encaustic works by the Tchistilines are stylistically similar. Using a bright palette dominated by rich reds and vibrant yellows, their paintings are mainly landscape based. They paint scenes of a romantic countryside spotted with tall houses, row boats and waterways, blanketed by mood-filled sky. The atmospheric sense of light in each paintings is perhaps what creates this mood, most allude to the quietness of evening’s sundown or dawn’s early morning peace. There is a simple notion of fantasy in these works, such as a serene daydream. The predominant emotion here is one of relaxing. One gets the sense of a European landscape.

The paint is rich, applied of encaustic layers. The simplified forms are reiterated by scratching linear edges back into the soft layers of wax. The textural quality of the layered encaustic juxtaposed with brighter flat colour is what gives depth to these works.

© Allyn Cantor


 Thu, Jun 6, 2002